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City: Carnarvon
Postal/Zip Code: 6091
Country: Australia


The Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program is a scientific research and public outreach program aimed at identifying, monitoring and protecting marine turtle rookeries located along a 65 km stretch of beach at the southern end of the Ningaloo Reef, within the Ningaloo.

The Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program (GTCP) monitors and protects key coastal nesting rookeries of endangered sea turtles on Gnaraloo beaches at the Gnaraloo Bay Rookery and the Gnaraloo Cape Farquhar Rookery. Turtles that nest at Gnaraloo are dominantly loggerhead (Caretta caretta), some green (Chelonia mydas) and possibly hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) turtles. The GTCP collects baseline data on turtle nesting activities for informed management to protect them and their critical coastal nesting habitat, to engage the community and schools in conservation, to train scientists for professional careers and to knowledge share its findings.

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Program Assistant
Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program Program Assistant 2017/18 Gnaraloo is a...
Australia 06.12.17
Scientific research internship 2017/18
Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program Scientific Internship Program 2017/18 T...
Australia 06.12.17

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